FLETCHER: But a lot of agents do and here’s what I can tell you, they are the ones who are the prime targets to be manipulated. They are the ones who are the prime targets to be exploited. They are the ones who are the prime targets to be taken advantage of because people who are afraid by people who manipulate, they are the prime targets because they can be made more fearful.

Okay this is what the news media does as we talked about; fear builds upon itself – start small like a wave and grows. This is what politicians do, this is how they drive their ratings, it’s how they gain acceptance, it’s how they gain policy or get people to take action or to buy votes. So think about Obama, when he was selling Obama care through rhetoric, media, aggressive use of speeches, fear he instilled in people that if you don’t have healthcare, that you are one freak accident away from basically the end of your life, not literally dying but from a financial standpoint. You’re going to lose your home, you’re going to lose your house, you’re going to lose your money, you’re going to lose your bank account, you’re going to lose your savings, you are not going to be able to pay for your kids, you’re not going to be able to pay for… And he described the worst situation imaginable.

Now the reality is we are talking about a .01% chance out of 1 million but he made everybody believe that health insurance was the most critical thing in their lives and if they don’t have it panic. But this is how he sold it to the low information voters, his followers who are dependent on government handouts who can’t fend for themselves, who don’t have rational thought.

SLOPER:  And now all those same people are wondering what’s going on with healthcare.

FLETCHER:  Well you don’t get what you vote for, you get what you deserve.

SLOPER:  Right.

FLETCHER:  And so what does the guru party do? They see this opportunity. You’ve got what’s going on with Zillow and Trulia. They’ve got an opportunity here to exploit, to manipulate, the same thing that people are scared, how can we use this?

So again I’ve got seats to sell, I’ve got coaching programs to sell, you find a major news event, you find a headline from the news event or a quote from that article, you take it, you twist it, you want it, you re-report it in a way that it only supports your agenda. It scares agents, it might motivate them.

And so I have 2 different articles here or I would say articles. But if we are putting this in terms of media and politics, what we’ve got here is propaganda that’s what it is. I mean, let’s call it what it is, it’s propaganda, the spread of a false reality, the use of obscure facts, quotes to manipulate.

Okay and so I have 2 different emails here from 2 different gurus; one sent on September 17 okay and I haven’t bothered to report it but it’s becoming more prominent okay. I must have gotten 2 or 3 in the last week!

Okay so this guy comes out and he says, here is the subject line; “If you are a traditional real estate agent, you are a dinosaur.” In other words, if you don’t do something, you’re going to die. That’s what he’s saying! Okay, here is something every agent needs to pay attention to – Zillow just bought Trulia for 3.5 billion, billion! Exclamation mark, that’s more than the value of the other 2 real estate companies in the US, you know who they are, combined times 2. Wake-up call all caps, exclamation points.

And here is a quote from CNNMoney regarding the merger – “Zillow and Trulia could make brokers irrelevant,” there is the phrase! Grab it, take it, twist it, take it out of context, warp it, rereport it. This is serious! Again, not to scare you, it’s simply to make you aware of where real estate is headed. Buyers and sellers now have the power to do as they please when it comes to their homes and property. Agents are no longer necessary, they are a choice.

Now if I’m not mistaken, when were agents ever not a choice? Was there some kind of law that I wasn’t familiar with where agents were necessary or home owners didn’t have a choice where they were mandated to use an agent? No!

Now entrepreneur comes out,, they write an article, “Who will step up and disrupted the real estate industry?” And they start to look at different technologies that have disrupted different industries and so you’ve got the Ford model T, it killed stage coaches. You’ve got Google, it killed the phone books. You’ve got Expedia and how it killed travel agents. So technological advancements; you no longer need to go sit down with a travel agent, you jump on Expedia, you bust in your credit card, you choose your package and you are done!

Get E-Trade how it’s killing stockbrokers, Netflix how it killed Blockbuster, iPhones how it killed Kodak film, Uber how it is killing the taxi services.

Now the point of this article was never to quote unquote predict the death of the real estate agent. The contributor who wrote this article, he was merely asking the question, “Who will step up and disrupt the real estate industry with a disruptive technology?” But it gets skewed. Take it out of context, twist it, warp it and then report it in a way that might scare agents, might motivate agents, that supports your agenda.

And so here comes the guru and he is talking about and guess what? Zillow bought Trulia now Zillow owns the majority of consumer home search and for those who are unprepared if and when they decide to quote unquote complete the transaction themselves in other words, “Open up a brokerage, hoard the leads, not sell advertising to other agents as a means to go to business, it will be game over, maybe even for you. That’s pretty unsettling so here’s what I would do.”

Now this is terrible copywriting, it’s poor copywriting, it’s amateurish copywriting but nonetheless, this is what they are trying to do, fear mongering.




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