FLETCHER: Here is another benefit sounding board and brain trust. See I don’t need to tell you about the massive amount of uncertainties that occur from point a to point he Z, it doesn’t matter what the idea is, it doesn’t matter what platform you are building, getting from A to Z there is always all of this uncertainty and very few of us have the self-confidence save a Steve Jobs where we can take a crazy or insane idea and just run with it and ignore all the criticism and ignore all the hate.

Most ideas I think they feel because the business owner or the entrepreneur instead of talking to other smart entrepreneurs, business owners who can help them flush out those ideas like we did in that kitchen in Lake Tahoe, they talk to the non-entrepreneur. They talk to the person who plants the fatal seed of self-doubt, “Well that’s never going to work, with that stupid, that’s foolish. What I mean, it’s a good idea but it’s not practical, it’s not reality, you’re not going to be able to do that.” Well you’ve never been on radio, you’ve never done broadcasting, you’ve never written anything. How are you going to publish?”

SLOPER: 90% of the general public is that way.

FLETCHER: Probably more. It’s sad.

SLOPER: Probably.

FLETCHER: It’s sad.

And so yeah, some ideas inherently suck, they need to be killed on arrival but it’s the most brilliant ideas that are on the surface the most foolish. These are the ones that have the ability to be transformational in a business. Think about Steve Jobs again iPod, iPad, iPhone, first of their kind products, nobody ever thought of them before he goes, “Society needs this.” That’s ridiculous! He moved forward on his vision, changed all of the way we live today. And so you need that sounding board, you need that brain trust to bounce these ideas off of.

Now if you are low information agent, if you are a non-thinker, if you are an instruction follower; step one, step two, step three this becomes much less important. If you don’t want to do anything difficult, if you don’t want to be challenged, no need for this. But here is what I can be certain about, the better the idea the more crazy it will sound and appear to those who are unqualified to judge it or to give you advice in regards to bringing it to life. They don’t have a clue what it will take. 




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