And it’s about taking those ideas and implementing them. And it is hard and it is challenging and it is scary.

SLOPER: And it sucks sometimes, it flat-out sucks!

FLETCHER: I like the climb though, I like the pain. Like I was up last night till 11 o’clock putting together the materials for this podcast.


FLETCHER: Just organizing like, “Okay, what’s the flow so it’s not painful for the listener?” Okay marketing partners. When you have a platform that organizes business owners, entrepreneurs in your local marketplace it gives you marketing partners. And so the cost to acquire a new customer it’s increasing, it’s not decreasing, it’s becoming more expensive because it’s becoming although we have all this new technology it’s harder to actually reach someone, it’s harder to get their attention. I saw a study the other day that basically humans have the attention span of a gnat; every nine seconds they are looking at their phone. Every nine seconds they are on Facebook. Every nine seconds! It’s insane! Not to mention all the government regulation.

So you’ve got more taxes, more mandates, more regulation. I have a friend who is trying to start a business right now in Portland, they are working with the city to get all permits. This has been an eight month process to simply open a little retail space where they are going to play games inside the building. We are not talking about a massive operation. We’re talking about 1000 ft.² of floor space so that she can put a table in it. And so the solution to all of this is cooperation, what skills do you have that I don’t have? What connections do you have that I don’t have? How can we work together in some way shape or form to make business easier but also how can we decrease our marketing cost? See everybody wants to think about growing their business as a solo sport, it’s not!

“I spend my marketing dollars to acquire a client for my business and I’m going to hoard this client, nobody else is going to have access to this client,” it’s flawed thinking. Take a wedding planner for example I mean just think about it, say you are a wedding planner; how many other people could benefit from the same couple? You’ve got a photographer, you’ve got a caterer, you’ve got the bridal shop, you’ve got a band or DJ, you’ve got the owner of the venue, that’s at least five people right there. And so if they cost you $200 to acquire a client or $1000 to acquire client, why should you endure that cost alone when five different parties could all benefit from the same client? Why would a strategic relationship amongst you five not make sense so that you can divide that $200 cost to acquire or thousand dollar cost to acquire a client by five?

So now you could do five times as much marketing for the same cost. But most business owners, they don’t cooperate. There are no partnerships, there aren’t no alliances, it’s just maybe the real estate agent or maybe the mortgage broker. They go out and they beg as many people as they can and they take them out to lunch and they do a whole bunch of fake networking and try to create a whole bunch of fake relationships and they hand out business cards and they give elevator speeches and they join leads groups and they join the chamber and just hope and pray that something happens, that maybe they get a referral.

They beg family and friends, we can be more strategic. There is joint venture partners okay there is content partners so this is something we are really amping up is this aspect of content partners. We talked about it in an episode or two ago, Gary Vander Chuck everybody is in the media business. If you are not telling stories, if you’re not putting content that is engaging, that is entertaining that enriches people’s lives into the marketplace then you might as well not exist.




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