SLOPER: Well you know Fletcher, you said earlier and I thought it was keen when you brought the whole doctor versus real estate agent analogy where basically nobody really cared right? You always get the question, “Oh, so you are in real estate?”


SLOPER: And I mean the very next question is, “So how is the market?” So let’s take that question for example. So if you are a typical real estate agent and you get asked that question, how do you respond? If you don’t have an identity, if you don’t have ideas and beliefs, then you can’t really answer that question any other way than ever everyone else does. “Oh, see the market…” You see, the reality is I am forced to study each and every day not just about the comparables because I could give a really a rats ass about the comparables at the end of the day Ryan because you have to look at things on a macro scale, a microscale, you have to understand people’s mindset, you have to understand what’s going on with unemployment and all these other factors. But that really helps me create a message.

Now some people, my message will resonate with and some people it won’t but that’s the whole idea behind it. You want to attract people that think like you or that are interested in things that you are talking about. And I understand that I can really turn people off by a lot of the stuff I talk about in Fuse, talking about politics. I talk a lot about the touchy subjects that people might not go that route because they don’t want to be labeled as that guy that’s a crazy whack job but I think that creates personality. To me you can’t really find out what your message is or find your true identity unless you are willing to take a risk; dare to be wrong. Have conviction and have belief. Put yourself out there.

And really don’t care about what other people think. You are doing this for yourself. And by doing this for yourself you are able to inspire and help others through the process. You really have to dig deep and it took me a long, long time to get to this point. And honestly trying to find people like you Fletcher that kind of have the same beliefs that I do. But the questions that I started getting once I started doing the radio show was, “Well, I know you are in real estate but tell me about this radio show.” It was less about the business that I was in and more about what I was talking about.

FLETCHER: Well when somebody asks you what going on with the market, it’s a more valuable saying and less valuable positioning standpoint to say, “This is something I talked about on my radio show. This is something I talked about on my podcast. I wrote about an article recently about that.”


FLETCHER: “This is what A, B and C experts say…” because you are reading and keeping up with news. You are keeping up with economics. You are keeping up with politics. You’re keeping up with marketing and positioning and how it should be sold from a story standpoint. Okay when you are at the top of your game, idea wise in the arena of ideas nobody can compete with you.




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