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FLETCHER: Here is question number 2 that he talks about – why don’t you try and get a real job?

And he goes on, “Being a real estate agent might not be a job in the sense most people are used to it. Certainly it isn’t one that you just show up from 9 to 5 and collect a paycheck at the end of the week. People are used to a quote unquote normal job. Nobody can probably fathom why anyone would want to be a real estate agent instead of working for a company that gives them a steady paycheck – negation days, sick time but being a real estate agent is a career. It is!”

I mean you can feel this in his voice. “Again, it’s a tough career to succeed in. Agents are out there doing everything they can to step positive and focused.” My question – why do agents have to work so hard to try to stay positive? I mean if this is something they really love, if this is something that is really their passion, why do they have to work so hard? You mean rejection, cold prospecting? You mean it’s not uplifting?

But I mean to the bigger point here about real estate being a career, here is the fact; society doesn’t view it as a career. They view it as a sales position. A sales position in their mind; why would anybody want to do it? I mean think about how most real estate agents act, behave. Telemarketers, who wants to be a telemarketer? It is something you do in the meantime. It’s a holdover. It’s not a career, that’s what they have in their mind right?

And you can battle this perception and you can battle it and you can battle it and you can complain about it but nothing is ever going to change it. The only way to change the perception that people have about you is to change the way you market and promote your business. You have to have platforms. And so I talked about this, I don’t want to get into it because I did a 2 hour training for people who bought my book Defeat Mega Agents.

But a platform is something that gives you something else to market and promote outside of your core real estate business, typically that serves to deliver value to others so that you don’t have to say, “I am a quote unquote real estate agent but still drives traffic back to your business, product or service.” That’s the solution. You have to change the way that you are perceived by your actions and what you market and promote.




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