FLETCHER: And so going back to this idea of being a protector again what we did the experiment about, home of the, you can go watch that or what Marcus Lamona stocks about, being a villain killer. Bo Eason in this article hammers home the same point. Once you start to share yourself with me, this magical thing called human connection happens. We fall in love with the people who we share emotion with. He goes, “I personally love people who are protecting families. To me that means I get to sleep well at night.” Now he is acting as if he is the client to a financial advisor but it could be up clients to a real estate agent, no different. To be that means I get to sleep well at night knowing that I have a person in my corner. And so as parents we are hardwired with this instinct.

In the protector video series I tell the story to crack in the morning, 4 o’clock in the morning I don’t remember what it was, hear something, jump out of bed, I am but naked, grab a knife out of the kitchen, I run down the stairs out the front door I unlock it and in the middle of my driveway again, 2 o’clock in the morning, 3 o’clock in the morning it didn’t even occur to me what I might do if I actually found someone but naked in the middle of my driveway, what was I thinking? I wasn’t! Instinctual, being a protector, parent. I have 2 kids.

And he goes on to say, “This is heroic.” He goes, “No different than a Navy seal charging the breach head, no different from a firefighter charging into a burning building. This act of protection is heroic.” Now he is not talking about it from the sense that you risk your life, he’s talking about it from the sense of sacrifice, what did you have to learn? What did you have to study? If you had to expose the truth of all the different ways that somebody can be taken advantage of by unethical incompetent people in your industry and now you’re being harshly criticized, now you’re being harshly attacked, that’s heroic if what you published can have someone, to protect them. And he goes, “I see this all the time is people going, “Oh, I am just an insurance agent,” or, “I’m just a real estate agent.” And so if you see yourself that way it’s shameful. And it’s why I have always emphasized I don’t really like real estate agents, I stick to that point. I like entrepreneurs, I like real estate agents who want to be something more than real estate agents because I believe everybody has a bigger purpose.

A lot of people, slope would you agree; one, they underestimate the importance of their story, they take what they’ve had in life, their experiences or what has formed or shake their beliefs, they take it for granted and 2, they don’t see themselves as a writer and therefore, “Oh, I could never write a story like that.” You know, be the lead character of my own screenplay?




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