FLETCHER: And so I wrote an article the other day on medium called You want power? Put down the phone, pick up a pen. Because life of a salesman sucks and there is no other way to put that and knowing people, it’s a miserable existence. And I have never understood why people, real estate agents who claim that they want power, or they can see that the people that actually have power have made this choice to put down the phone and pick up a pen. In some capacity, they write. They don’t hunt, they don’t call call, they don’t beg, they don’t annoy, they just write and so all the things that the guru party teaches agents to do, is not what people with power do! It’s what salespeople do. And society hates salespeople so why would you ever want to emulate that? Why would you ever take their advice? Why would you ever take your instruction? Authors have power. Economists have power, even if they just right for their own blog, for their own audience, for their own enjoyment or purpose, they write.

So I got an email the other day from a lady, not too far from me, just a couple of hours north in Washington state, she bought my book Defeat mega agents and she was interested about joining for wanted more information and she filled out the application for the protector social superhero program. And she writes to me and says, “This is the one real estate business idea that makes sense!” And then continued, “I’m moving to California February, I just finished the course for my California real estate license, I have been an agent for Seattle for almost 10 years and never been able to do it full-time. I have saved 6 months worth of living expenses and I am just going to do it, referring to implementing the ideas in the book.

And so if you tell her the story or take this email and you give it to the guru party and you judge it by traditional real estate success standards, this woman is a failure! That’s what they’re going to tell you! That’s what they’re going to say, “Well, she didn’t want it bad enough. Well she is only part-time. Well maybe she didn’t have the drive, she did have the ambition, she is probably lazy.” Why? Because she didn’t want to cold call? Because she didn’t want to get rejected? Because she didn’t want to annoy people? Because she didn’t want to do the others what she doesn’t like to have done to herself? Fuck that! I reject that and here is why; because in her email she said something, “I am a good listener, I have a degree in journalism but I am not sure that makes me a good copywriter. Right now I am not sure what skills I would bring to the group. But I do know I would find my place and be an asset to it.”

He or she has this great gift, she knows how to write. She has a journalism education so when she said that my ears perk up, “Huh?!” For most people there is only one thing scarier than picking up a phone and that’s to pick up a pen. Give most people a piece of paper, pen ask them to write something, they will sit there for hours, they want to write a single sentence or they would write something immediately judge it as crap and throw it away. The journalists though, they are different. See this is something that she went to school for because she has probably always had a passion for. Learning new things and writing, that’s what a journalist is, hunt down sources, find information, compile them into a story. And so she isn’t afraid to pick up a pen, she isn’t afraid to write.

So I responded back, “Journalism huh, that means you are not intimidated by the idea of writing and truth be told, good, writing is just good storytelling.” That goes back to Patterson, he came from the advertising side, he was a copywriter. He understands the power of story in sales. Is it any coincidence that he outsells the other top 3 authors combined? No. It’s not about the writing, it’s about the story. It doesn’t matter what label you or anyone else assigns it aside from that journalists are good at research, they understand the importance of interviewing people which makes you perfect for the latest platform that is being built and will be rolled out to members in the next 2 weeks.

But I find it shameful that she has this gift and nobody has ever encouraged her to utilize it. So the guru party not any broker, not any trainer and sales coach, and it is a supreme advantage. And I am not denying it’s easy, it’s not so my good friend McVerdie, Sloper is too, he will affirm that for you. 2 years it took him to pick up a pen though. And everything he wrote I ripped it apart and he would be pissed and he would be upset but I never did it to be mean. Because it’s hard when you and learn a new skill and you put your heart and effort into it and now somebody says, “Ugh…red line, red line, redline, redline.” If you are a bad student, it takes you back to elementary, you see those red marks from a teacher. But I love to write and I love to see others learned to write, to become influential and proficient at the high level.

And so here are some of the results and back in 2012 his income, I don’t know roughly 100,000 and for 6 consecutive years prior to that about 100,000, he was plateaued. 2013, he almost doubles his income to 187,000. This year is on pace to hit about 360,000. Now here is the kicker, all he did was change the content he learned to tell better stories in his client newsletter that he sent out monthly.

In his database, 165 people, that’s it. And so the guru party, they love to preach it is a number game but it is not, it’s a relationship game. Relationship series of connections based on experiences, thoughts and beliefs conveyed by story. There is the formula. This is why thought leaders have audiences, this is why thought leaders have communities and fans around their work and while salesman does not. Because of the relationship of the salesman and prospect is not a relationship at all. It’s predator-prey.

Now anybody can travel this path to be a thought leader, I don’t care what they say. Anybody can. There is no gate blocking the yellow brick road but you see here is the secret by definition to be a thought leader in your industry you have to lead with thought and canned own script, no one size fits all sales letter nor any kind of listing presentation that is one size fits all, is very thoughtful.

And for the journalists though, this woman not afraid to write, not afraid to pick up a pen who understands the power of story who is not afraid to think, to research, I can leave you with one thing, become uncomfortable. Pick up a pen, put down the phone, commit to it. Anything worth becoming great at is worth being terrible at 1st. So if you don’t see yourself as a good writer, good storyteller you practice, you study great writers and great storytellers and make sure to go after the story than the writing.

Closing comments Slope?

SLOPER: I think those are great words and put yourself in an environment with other great storytellers right? Just listening to this podcast I mean if there is one thing while I am listening to you talk most of the time I am just literally listening to how you integrate stories into the podcast and I think it’s just… For many people this stuff seems very deep but I promise you the longer you pay attention, the longer that you listen, the more proficient you become at it yourself.

FLETCHER: Well, this is what we talk about every single day within our own businesses and implement. And so the idea of picking up a phone, it’s not acceptable, it’s band. 1st we write a story then we read a press release, then we read a press release, then we get publicity, then we use the publicity to go back out to the newsletter to craft another story to build on a belief or an experience that makes a connection that treats a relationship and that’s how you go from 100,000 to almost 400,000.




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