Stabbed in Back | A Thief | Innovator vs. Copycat | The Full Story | 48 Retarded Cousins | The Baltimore Riots | The Hidden Parallel To Real Estate | Pope Francis | The World’s Greatest Marketing Advice |  Mayweather vs. Pacquiao | Us vs. Them | A Clarification On The Podcast | Loyal Listeners Begin To Fret | The Low-Information Agent | The Most Insane Thinking Ever | His Facebook Community Page | He Throws Up All Over Himself | Respect For Real Estate Agents Plummets Further | “Dumb Agent In Kansas City Business Journal” | The Unethicals Caught In The Act | Discount Broker  Lies To Journalist | How To Defeat Discounters | Redfin Defeated Ep. 32 — Revisited | Another Story Out Of Virginia | The Pocket Listing Scam | Baltimore, MD. | Ferguson, MO. | Confirming The Stereotype | The Infamous  Facebook Ad | Successful Agents = Aggressive | Tenacious | Hungry | Willing To Annoy Everyone | Every Other Agent = Mediocre & Lazy For Not Prospecting | The Alternative To Public Begging | One Sane Agent Speaks | Enter The Hypocrisy | The Guru Party | All They Care About Is Money | Floyd Mayweather | Ego-Absorbed | His Reputation? | The Letter To Police From His Son | The Guru Party | Bankruptcy | “Look At Me, I’m The Best” | Look At Me, I Sell 300 Homes” | The Fraud Revealed | Email From Shane | The Email From Doug Humphrey | How Doug De-linked & Disconnected | Pope Francis | Serve vs. Manage | Get To Do vs. Obligation | Impact The World vs. Heads Of Cattle | Combating Mental Obesity | Method #4 of 4 | My Kids | The Story Of Drunken Sailors | “You Suck!” | It Cuts Even Deeper | The Approach I Take As A Parent | Speed Reading | Creating Emotional States |  The Memory Bank | “But Fletcher, Adults Are Different” | No, They’re Not | My Wife Gets Her RE License | Her Broker: Painfully Predictable | The Thing That Makes Us Different | Y Combinator | True Founders & Entrepreneurs | We’re Driven By Vision | The TGP: Why They Will Never Understand | The True Secret Of This Podcast | Revealed…


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