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Hi everyone, Ryan Fletcher here.

Welcome to the first episode of Agent Marketing Syndicate Podcast. And so I started the show for a couple of reasons. One, I have never been a radio guy, I’ve always wanted to be a radio guy, I have always been interested, fascinated with radio, but have never done it. So this is something I’m going to check off my bucket list.

But beyond that, I’ve always had this keen intrigue with radio because it’s a conversation. Where, you sit in the car, you listen, the person on the other end of the mic, is engaging you, he is entertaining you, he is provoking you to think and you are in debate; some of the things you agree with and some of the things you disagree with. But you do have an opinion. The best ones always force you to have an opinion. Because it’s the only way that you can engage someone. And so unlike anything else, any other media, any other format, whether it be TV, Facebook, Twitter, it doesn’t matter, radio is unique in that it really is a one-to-one conversation.

And so, if you’re sitting in your car right now, if you are at your computer right now, if you’re at the gym right now, we’re having a conversation. And you have to tune in to hear it. And if the person on the other end of the microphone, being me, doesn’t deliver value, doesn’t entertain, doesn’t engage, doesn’t cause you to think in some way shape or form, you will tune out. You will tune out.

And so in creating this podcast I want to assure you that I plan to put in a lot of preparation. Every show, every episode will be thought-out, prepared.

I have notes. In creating this podcast I also want to create something that was unscripted. That wasn’t fake, that wasn’t inauthentic, that wasn’t a sales pitch. We already know what the sales pitch is, it’s a webinar. The Guru Party does this. It is disguised as a quote unquote training event – bullshit, it’s a sales pitch.

The last thing I wanted to do was create 400 slides and walk you through an hour-long sales presentation, only for you to have your time wasted. And so this podcast is really something, that, I want to be personal, a connection between me and you. I plan to share what I believe, I plan to share my beliefs, how I think about business, how I think about storytelling, how I think about writing, how I think about marketing, why am so fascinated with creating movements. Because it is possible. You can be the leader of your own movement. It’s not that hard. We have proven over the last 12 months.

In saying all that though, not everyone is going to like this program. A lot of people are going to be upset by it, they are going to be offended by it. But here is one thing that I can tell you, and this is something I’ve discovered from doing what I have done over the last 18 months. Is that, no matter what you say, if you stand up and tell people what you believe, you will have critics. You can’t have fans though unless you have critics so you better embrace them. With fans, come critics and with critics come fans.

If you look at Rush Limbaugh, if you look at Beck, if you look at Hannity, these are among the most hated people in America but they also have large audiences. And so if you’re being criticized right now for something, you should embrace it. You are doing something right. If you can get 50% of everybody to hate you and 50% of everybody to love you, you will be a very rich person. But, most people will never do this, because they are too timid to stand up and voice what they believe.

Maybe they don’t think that they should believe what they believe. Maybe they believe that there is nobody else out there that thinks and believes like they do. But one of the reasons that I wanted to do this podcast, was because I have heard stories, from agents, emails, long stories about how they want to be in real estate. But they don’t feel like they fit the mold… How they want to be in real estate, but it’s not in their DNA to cold call, it’s not in their DNA to beg family and friends, it’s not in their DNA to chase.

And so, they want to be successful, they want to contribute to their household, they love real estate, but nobody else out there is teaching a different way. Everybody else is saying “you have to prospect, prospecting is your job. You have to overcome objections, we don’t take “no” for an answer.” But it’s not how they were wired.

And so a big part of this podcast, the reason I am doing it is because The Agent Marketing Syndicate and over the last 12 months Protector Social Superhero Program, I have found the majority of those people who have been successful have been outcasts; dreamers, storytellers, not “real estate agents.” They don’t see themselves as real estate agents. They are a bit disgusted by the term “real estate agent,” like is most of the society, it leaves a bitter taste in their mouth.

But they love real estate and they love helping people, they just want to do it a different way. And so above everything else, I wanted to create this podcast to be a conversation, to engage those people, to debate those people, to make those people think, to let them know that there are other people out there that think just like them. That there is a place for them. And the format, I don’t know how it is going to take shape, I don’t know.

One thing I hate about traditional podcasts is that they are predictable. And predictable to me is boring. And so the host, he always jumps on and the first thing he does, is he goes to some sort of motivational quote, a saying, goes right into the interview then he goes through the lightning round, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the five, six, seven questions that are predictable; what’s your favorite book? What’s your favorite movie? If you could spend only one day, you’re only going to live one day, who would it be spent with?

And so this podcast, I want it to be different. And sometimes we will talk about industry news and sometimes we will talk about marketing and sometimes we will talk about politics and sometimes we will talk about business and sometimes we will talk about storytelling and sometimes we will look at case studies and sometimes we will look at what my members are currently doing.

And one of the things I am going to have on this podcast is one of my members, his name is Ryan Sloper; great guy, good friend. And so he is an agent, he takes a lot of my ideas, puts them into practice and over the last two years he has double doubled his real estate business. So he has gone from six or 8 million 2 years ago, this year he’s going to double again to over $35 million in production. And so he is going to have a great perspective.

He does another podcast call Real Estate 360. You can search it on iTunes, you can find him. But one of the things I’m going to do in the first couple of episodes, is interview him. That way you can get to know Sloper. He really is an incredible guy, big heart, lots to give, and thinks very much the same way that I do, in terms of how the real estate industry is broken.

Something else that I want to talk about over the first couple of episodes, and I don’t know if it is going to be in the second, third episode, or it will be the fifth, sixth, seventh episode, but there are 35 undeniable truths that I live by.

Some of these happen to do with real estate, the industry, some of them happen to do with personal beliefs in terms of success. Others have to do with my business-religion. But there are 35 undeniable truths that guide pretty much every decision that I make for my business, for my marketing, for my positioning and I want to share those with you.

Again, I don’t know if they are going to be in the next episode or episodes five, six, seven, eight but I do want to get them in before the first 10.

Aside from that, this really is a conversation. I want to hear your feedback. If I’m doing a good job, I want you to tell me about it. If I am doing a terrible job, I want you to tell me about it. I hope you go to iTunes, I hope you leave us a review; positive or negative it doesn’t matter, I just want you to be honest. I want you to be authentic.

There are going to be a lot of people who hate me for what I have to say, and I hope, there will be a lot of people that love me for what I have to say. But above everything, I want for it to be rooted in truth. And so I hope you enjoy this podcast. I hope you will tune in, and I hope you will make it a priority as I plan to do for every episode. In the meantime, go to iTunes, give us a review and please, send us some feedback.

Sooner or later we will get up an actual portal for questions. I know SpeakPipe is one outlet that we can use; you can set up some sort of record button; you hit play, you record it, all the voice messages and they come directly to me. And we’re going to try to answer as many questions, either throughout the show and or, either, during a separate Q and A, as we possibly can.

Again, it’s a conversation. If its not a two-way street, what good is it? Thanks for listening and I look forward to talking to you more and continuing this conversation in episode number two. Bye-bye.



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