Do you know the funnest part about having “Truth” as your message?

It inspires others to speak it.

There isn’t a member of the The Guru Party™ out there, that I haven’t heard about.

I am lucky to receive updates, daily, on what the TGP is doing, from all reaches of the world, across the Internet. Daily, I am sent emails describing what they are teaching, and trying to coax agents into doing, most of which is soul-destroying. 

I’ve said it before, we have a watchdog community here.

Here is an email I received yesterday. (Then I’ll share another, which as he put it: “unbelievable.”)

Subject: Thanks to you – I Don’t feel Like I am Batshit Crazy

You’ll probably get this in the morning, so good morning Ryan!

You got me, after listening to your podcasts (playing catchup since I just discovered it), I had to get the book. I just finished reading “Defeat Mega Agents“. For me that is an accomplishment, I hate reading and it probably stems from a bad childhood experience – where reading was a source of humiliation since English was my second language. In any case, I could not put it down.

Thanks to you, I don’t feel like I am batshit crazy! I have been telling my wife Xxxxxx that there has to be a better way to attract clients to our RE business that prospecting, door knocking, and harassing friends and neighbors. Shit, we use to have lots of friends and be invited to all the parties… that went away! I wonder why?? Now I know… thanks for opening my eyes.

We have been doing our own lead gen, but never with any other purpose than to just pay the bills. As we are getting ready to see our oldest go to college in the next 4 years, we are thinking we need to stack the saving, so we can pay for her college if that is what she wants to do… rather have it, and not need it, than need it and not have it. So guess what?? Yup, promises of doubling our business by becoming an expert advisor sucked us in to coaching — but damn it – if your book isn’t true to a Tee! It’s a general strategy – Get more leads (buy) and Cold Call! Wow $1,200 for the same old stuff… Needless to say, we are canceling that tomorrow, then go into my storage and dust off Dan Kennedy’s Smart Buyer program.

I want to thank you for saving us from wasting any more time and money with TGP, and we are off to order the other books you recommended to get us started. Looking forward to listening to more Podcasts, and if accepted, joining the P/SS  and ENG or as I picture it (the Justice League).

Thank you again!

You bet my man. Glad I could save you that $1,200/month!

No one should pay anyone to be held accountable to C-level ideas. Further, unless you’re a mutant honey-badger, those things rot the soul. 

Here is another email I received, just a few days ago.

This from Steve:  

Hey Ryan,

So I signed up for Jxxxxx Xxxxxx 90 Day Mastery program about 90 days ago before I ever heard of you. They are part of the TGP. Anyways the instructor, Jxxxxx, implores everyone to join all these Facebook groups (garage sale, buy and sell, swap groups, local events, etc) and then every night at 7pm you post in 10 groups your listing, or buyer search ad, and because face books algorithm favors groups it always shows up in people’s news feeds if they’re in that group where your ad is posted. It redirects them to that listing once they click on the ad and then of course a pop up comes up on the website and requires people to register on the site.

Once they do this, it’s considered a “lead.” They then go on several drip campaigns and you spam them to death. “Very good leads they are.” LOL. He claims 1/98 will result in a sale, I doubt it, it’s probably 1 in a million.

Anyways here’s a screen shot of a member of the guru program. He explains how he got suspended from Facebook for spamming groups, but then creates another profile and better yet, bows down and thanks the guru leader for this “innovative Facebook idea”…. Unbelievable! 

That’s the problem with these people, folks.

Instead crafting a real message that inspires people, and builds real relationship. They all search out and practice “spammy” shortcuts that position them as slime-balls, and human-spammers, then think you won’t mind being just like them.

Don’t even get me started on the fraud of ‘Fake-Authority‘ and those who peddle it, which I wrote about in Broken Industry this past month.

I agree, “Unbelievable.” 

Steve went on to say (btw, thank you Steve): 

Hey Ryan,

It’s midnight I’m sitting in my car in the underground parking lot. Just listened to Episode 25 on my car ride home from hockey. I felt I had to write this email to tell you MIND BLOWN! The whole thing about not being an educator but a storyteller makes so much sense to me now. I’ve been doing it all wrong, thanks a lot guru party! I’m now wondering where I’d be had I not discovered this podcast… probably hating my life and annoying the piss out of people.

Your thinking is truly innovating and has me thinking outside the box again, like I used to before I was introduced to the guru party. Keep on rocking, you’re the man!

Folks, the Podcast is free 

Spending $1,200/month to be held accountable to do things you hate, frankly, is asinine.

You don’t want to be beggar. 

You don’t want to be a human-spammer. 

You want to have purpose, live up to your potential, and execute on your vision. I know that. That’s what we talk about on the Podcast, and that’s why it continues to grow. If that weren’t true, then folks wouldn’t write me their stories. 

Be sure you don’t miss this week’s conversation. It’s a doozy.

And if you hear about any “No Cost Coaching Programs,” and you want my opinion, well, trust your own instincts, “It’s bullshit.” I know because, again, I get your emails about the bait-and-switch being pulled.

So Protect yourself – more important, Protect your mind.

Never let them trick to you.

Talk soon,


Ryan Fletcher
Author, Defeat Mega-Agents
Editor-in-Chief, Broken Industry (print magazine)
Founder and CEO, Agent Marketing
Creator, Protector/Social Superhero Program – by application only. Wait list. 12-Month minimum commitment.

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