FLETCHER: I mean my entire point here because I do have one, is that if you’re going to put in the time, if you’re going to put in the effort, if you’re going to put in the energy to forge a new relationship, why waste it on a 30-year-old entitled brat who still eats Cheetos, plays video games and lives in his mom’s basement when you could apply that same effort, the same time, that same energy to a far more valuable relationship? And see this is what the guru party, they don’t understand. The value of the relationship, it’s not all equal. There is a such thing called the leverage. And so they tell you this is what you’ve got to do to be successful, you’ve got to call out for sale by owners, you’ve got to go after it expireds.

This is a relationship with very limited value. It surely can’t be leveraged. If you study great businesses you will find that they do it entirely different. And so I wrote an article this past week; Pros focus on relationships, amateurs focuses on sales. That’s what for sale by owners… That’s what expireds are. It’s the focus on sales. And it shocked me how many entrepreneurs fail to understand the value of the different relationships that they are to obtain. And so they give lip service to it but they waste their time trying to generate leads, they waste even more time trying to convert those leads and they do it in inhospitable conditions often times against great skepticism; consumer that is. Against high levels of distrust – I already told you the results of that study, nearly 70% of the population of America, your prospective clients do not trust real estate agents.

And so they are trying to earn trust in this environment where they have to jump these really high ass hurdles when it’s so obvious to me the solution, and this is something I learned from Porter Stansberry. So Porter runs the biggest division within Agoura, Agoura is a publishing company. They have about 25 or 30 different divisions. Stansberry’s division is about 10 times larger than the average division and this is what I learned from him; 90% of your time should be focused on strategic partnerships, relationships that can lead to dozens, even hundreds if not thousands of future transactions depending of course on what product or service that you sell.




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