FLETCHER: And so as a little background, when I first got into the copywriting world, I was responsible for about 30 million, 25 to 30 million depends if you calculate refunds and mentoring projects, in new sales over an 18 month period. And so we took the division from 10 million to almost $30 million in sales in one year and when I was 27 I went from junior copywriter to senior copywriter, eventually to replacing the guy who hired me. But here was a problem, see everybody was celebrating, “Oh wow, 10 million to 30 million, incredible growth!” No, it wasn’t growth! It was sales! This jump was on the strength of copy. It was on the strength of the marketing. It wasn’t on the foundation of a superior business model so there is no stability.

So in tough times like the financial crash, when all of a sudden sales copy doesn’t work as well because people are holding onto their cash, they are not as freely willing to spend; they are scared, they are frightened, sales plummet. And because you are focusing on sales and your focusing on traffic to your sales page or to your offer so does the traffic because no you’re not making the sales which means you can’t reinvest into your marketing.

And so most business owners, this is how they live their entire business lives, their careers is they live in this mouse trap where you can envision it; there is the cheese, there is the spring and then of course there is the snap. And so in good times they can just eat the edge of the cheese without stepping on the trigger but as the cheese starts to disappear, they’ve got to get closer and they’ve got to get a little bit closer and now the cheese can barely be reached and they’ve got to get a little bit closer, this is the bad times and [snap] snap. And so in the bad times sales drop, sales plummet, sales disappear and what you are left with is the relationships that you can depend on.

But most business owners, they don’t have such platforms. They don’t have anything strategic to find these partnerships. They don’t have a process for securing these partnerships and please, don’t tell me that somebody networks or that they go to a leads group. You know it and I know it, handing out business cards is not a way to… It’s a group of desperation and trust me, nobody wants to associate with the beggar. And so here is one of the things that Porter Stansberry does and I mentioned the value of differentiation of relationship may be a for sale by owner, expired, one client, one transaction may be one referral a year, how can we increase that?




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