FLETCHER: So here is a model and again, this comes from Porter Stansberry. This is something he does in his publishing business, why his company is $150 million a year entity, why all of his competitors within the same company Agoura are 10 to 25. And so I’m actually going to borrow a short writeup from Mike Dillard who is the founder of The Elevation Group.

So he has tens of thousands of customers, Mike does, he runs a very successful operation. And this is what he says, “A few months ago I was invited to attend an annual Stansberry corporate meeting down in the Bahamas. Yes this is a picture that I took with my iPhone one night,” and so he’s got a picture here, beautiful sunset overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, “… Each year the executive staff gets together two days to discuss their company goals for the coming year. In most companies this would be considered ultrasecret stuff.

Well not only does a Stansberry invite their competitors but they also give out a copy of their corporate handbook that they spent 15 years writing and updating. This is literally their company blueprint and considering that they are the largest and most successful financial publishing company in the world, it’s priceless.” And he’s got a picture of the handbook here that he took sitting in his hotel room, “… Yet they handed myself and everyone else in the room a copy for two reasons; Porter believes in abundance and he believes in transparency. At the end of the day we all need mentors to learn from and while I diligently study their work on the economy and investing I primarily study Porter’s actions as an entrepreneur, a father and a man. If you want to really get to know him as a person the best way to subscribe is to his podcast.”

Did you catch that? So this is Mike Dillard, he runs a financial publishing company that competes with Porter. Porter invites his competitor Mike to the Bahamas, gives him all of his most valuable material and Mike comes back and is now an evangelist. He is endorsing Porter, he is praising Porter he is talking about his character as a father, as a man. He invites his entire audience without any kind of condition, without any kind of ulterior motive, without any kind of compensation to subscribe to Porter’s podcast where they can really get to know him.

And here is the thing, Mike has an audience that ranges into the hundreds of thousands. This is an audience that Mike has spent years to build, putting in untold man hours, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in paid traffic and Porter from one relationship with Mike, one relationship he just circumvented the entire painful process of rounding up all those people himself; OPM, other people’s money OPR, other people’s resources OPC, other people’s customers. One relationship with Mike he harnessed all three of those forces. Not only that, he got the authentic endorsement from Mike.

Now times that by the 1 to 200 people who were in that audience; Porter invites 100 but each of those people have thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people that they lead as customers, clients, subscribers, members. Our relationship with one of those business owners like Mike’s gives him a 10,000, 100,000 fold advantage.

And so don’t be targeting the “millennials” who live at home in their basement. Don’t be targeting the for sale by owners or expireds who are going to represent one transaction and they have a sphere of influence of four people. Or the millennials, they have 400 fake friends on Facebook and Vine and Tumbler and Instagram, they have massive followings that they have bought because in their little world social proof and importance is everything but nobody can afford a home, target those people.

Here is a better idea, set up a platform to attract entrepreneurs, business owners; these are people like you who are out there trying to build up their own audiences just like Mike spending their own money putting in their own time using their own resources to build their client base, their subscriber base. The number of customers or patients or members, one relationship with a business owner, one relationship can lead to dozens of transactions in a year.




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