FLETCHER: Millennials. So this is the big new push. “We know that the majority of real estate agents tend to be in order population. But now you are being mocked. Anybody who is not of the tumbler, the Instagram, if they are not on Facebook, if they are not tweeting 146 characters at a time, you are going to fail, you’re not going to be successful. You’ve got to start looking at the millennials. This is a group that’s larger than the baby boomers, they are 20% bigger than the Gen X population. These are the people that rely on peers when making decisions. They leverage their social networks for decision-making. And so if you can be there with you are real estate message on social media, on Vine, tumbler, Pintrest, wherever the hell it is that they are at then perhaps your business will explode,” this is what’s being said right now.

How are you going to capture that business, do real estate agents know how to leverage social media to track up and coming generation? The good news is that evolving technologies, the millennial generation relies on Instagram, Pintrest, YouTube, Vemeo, Facebook, Vine, Tumbler, are all perfectly suited for real estate marketing. 84% of millennials are social media users and the networks they use evolve and change and is important to keep track, it’s also important to educate yourself and nurture these emerging social media channels. They all have their own unique cultures.

Here is another article, “Millennials need to be whooed, they must be romanced. NAR’s chief economist chocks up student loan debt to reaching oppressive levels with millennials in terms of buying homes.” And see if it is where the disconnect begins to meet.

Okay great, you have this group of potential first-time homebuyers which typically means they are going to be at the low end of the homebuying spectrum, they are not going to be the most valuable individual. Most of the millennials, they don’t even know what loyalty is and so they are probably going to shop the hell out of you. They’re going to go to one open house on a whim and write a contract with somebody else because let’s face it, the 18 to 31-year-olds aren’t too dependent in this country. And that’s my age bracket! I will be 33 in December but it disgusts me!




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