FLETCHER: And so NAR, they have a solution to all of this; “Rise in unethical and rise in incompetence. NAR wont rate members or impose new standards of entry.” Because the public shouldn’t understand who the good agents are and who the bad agents are and they could figure out a way to do this that isn’t based purely on sales because sales volume is not indicative of the quality of the agent but to they don’t want anything to do with this. And further they will not impose new standards of entry. If they keep those barriers low, they get more agents in, they get more membership dues; remember this is an organization or a government. Does a government ever wanted less taxpayers? No! But to they have decided to come up with something better.

I have a hard time even reading this, it is so stupid. “NAR’s leadership team to create new code of excellence. The yet to be developed code of excellence…” So it doesn’t even exist yet but it’s an idea, it’s a thought, it’s out there, these people are hard at work, “… Is the trade group’s latest effort to quote unquote to raise the bar in the professionalism of the industry. The code of excellence will be an educational requirement members must complete every two years but will not otherwise be something that members can violate and with the code of ethics.”

In other words, it took 850 member board to come up with the school of excellence that has not yet been completed. There is really no substance to it, they don’t know what it’s going to talk about, they know that they are going to make you every two years, there’s going to be no punishment if you don’t live up to it, it’s all aspirational. “The code of excellence is an aspirational code, it’s not a code that you can be found in violation off but it is a code that we would challenge all our members to embrace in their day to day basis.”

How about this, just be human. It goes back to, “Don’t do too others what you don’t want to be done to yourself.” That’s all you’ve got to say. You don’t have to create this bullshit of quote unquote code of excellence. When is NAR just going to come out and say it? – “We care about money. We do not care about professionalism in this industry. We do not want to take the steps that are appropriate to institute actual change to raise the integrity. We want money that’s why we are not going to rate members, that’s why we’re not going to impose new standards of entry.”




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