FLETCHER: And so there is a book out right now that I am reading. It is written by Jason Riley, excellent book because he makes the case and here is the title of the book, it’s telling, “Please stop helping us: How liberals make it harder for Blacks to succeed.” And see we can twist this around and create it for the guru party, for real estate, “Please stop helping us: How the guru party makes it harder for agents to succeed.”

And so here is one of the things that Romney got right okay Romney lost but he got this right. The problem was he was demonized for it when he said it. “There are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. These voters are dependent upon government who believe that they are victims, who believe that the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, you name it.”

I couldn’t be more opposite of that person. I don’t want anything from anyone. I don’t want to handout, I don’t want an entitlement, I don’t want anything I did not earn, I don’t want anything I did not build. I don’t want anybody to have to fail in real estate or in life or collect minimum wage. I want everybody to be rich but the only way to get to that is to have ideas, to develop skills, to create a message.

And so Christie, Chris Christie, he comes out and he gets torn apart, demolished for a message that we should embrace, that we should all embrace, that we should teach our kids. So here is what he said “I don’t think…” And this is in regards to minimum wage. He says, “I don’t want to talk about minimum wage. I am done with minimum wage! It’s an old argument!” so he goes on to say, “I don’t think there’s a mother or father sitting around the kitchen table tonight in America who are saying, “You know honey, if my son or daughter could just make a higher minimum wage, my God all of our dreams would be realized.” “Is that what parents aspire to for their children, minimum wage? Of course not, of course not.

SLOPER: You think that Hillary and Bill were telling their daughter who was learning in Chelsea to just sit back and let the government take a of her? Do you think that Hillary is against the free market and free enterprise when she is collecting $15 million book advances; her husband is getting $250,000 plus per speaking engagement? What allows them to collect such high amounts of money for the speeches? The free market! That’s what creates it!

FLETCHER: Well you must have missed her comments when she came out of office. They were broke and heavily in debt, dead broke! They were heavily in debt.

And so if you want to get above just existing, just surviving, and a lot of agents are at this, “I just need to make a few more cold calls, I just need to go and knock on a few more doors. I’ve just got to make a few more family and friends.” If you want to eliminate and erase all of that, there is a solution. This is a universal truth, this is a universal truth and here it is – there’s a distinct singular form of influence, being perceived as a someone, a someone! Not a real estate agent because by and large, by and large society hates real estate agents! Car salesman, politicians, these are not the people that you want to be pigeon hold as or even in the same category. Being perceived as a someone, the authority, those who possess it have power.

And so here is the definition of authority because the guru party likes to take this out of context and twist it. They like to say that you are going to become the authority in your marketplace if you just buy this software and it’s never going to happen! Software does not elevate your status. Software does not allow you to impose control over people. Software, whatever the get rich, shiny object of the week is, here is the definition of authority then you can tell me if authority runs rampant in real estate despite everything the guru party teaches defined as the power or the right to give orders, make decisions and enforce obedience.

How many real estate agents are enforcing obedience with their clients or prospects? Or are they begging? Or are they pleading? Or are they being their advice and expertise and knowledge depreciated, devalued, not listened to?

The second definition – a person or organization having power or control in a particular sphere. And so if you are a telemarketer, that’s how you are reacting, that’s how you are behaving, someone who begs for business, someone who chases leads, someone who forces property searchers to text something to another number just to collect contact information because they are that desperate only so that they can turn around and call them and overcome the objections and try to set up an appointment only to have a no-show rate of those people who said “yes” only because they wanted to get off the phone with you. Does that sound like authority? Does that sound like control that agents have? How much obedience can you enforce if you are that person?

I mean if we are really talking truth here, it would be safe to say if someone saw you as the authority they wouldn’t waste your time, they wouldn’t reject you, they would not blow you off, they would be chasing you! There would be no need for a listing presentation. There would be no need to sell yourself or to convince people of your self-worth or your ideas, all of that would be obsolete! You have a waiting list if people see you as the authority. People would go out of their way to meet with you, they would fill out applications.

And so if you think about this in the financial world or if you want a concrete example, Warren Buffett hands down authority. So when he speaks people listen. Investors blindly follow his advice. They do it because his opinions are judged as fact. And this is something that he has built up over years of reputation, being authority not a guy who pitches “to get rich quick” not a guy who jumps on the bandwagon. Disciplined religious belief about how he invests and because he has a track record that supports what he believes is correct, he is the authority. When he stops speaking his next the soundbite is eagerly awaited. The news media, the rest of the financial world, they all clamor, “Please Mr. Buffett please tell us the next trend, tell us what to expect. What do you see coming? Don’t keep… Please Mr.… Tell us!”

I mean it’s strange but there is this phenomenon. Society is conditioned to behave this way. When they are in the process that they deem the authority, I mean just watch a couple of episodes of the celebrity apprentice with Donald Trump. They go into the boardroom on one side there is Donald Trump, on the other side there is all the celebrities and when he says “quiet” whew! There’s nothing but church mice; power to control a particular sphere, power to enforce obedience.

The next time you go to your doctor’s office as patients, we have been conditioned that the doctor is the ultimate authority. He puts on a white lab coat and we all think they are gods. We go, we check in, we sit in the waiting room for 40 minutes; we are pissed, we are angry but you don’t disrespect an authority. You get back to the room, “Oh how is it going? Thanks Doc for seeing me I really appreciate it.” You were mad, you were angry!

Imagine if a real estate agent showed up 40 minutes late to the appointment. Could you imagine that prospect waiting around for the real estate agent? Can you imagine him going back and saying, “Oh, I really appreciate it, thanks for meeting with me.” It doesn’t happen! It doesn’t happen because it hasn’t been conditioned, because real estate agents are not seen as authorities largely because of what the guru party teaches, a sales culture. Glengarry, Glen Ross, boiler room, the Wolf of Wall Street, this is the culture that they’ve instilled.

And so I firsts got awoken to this fact if you will, the power of authority when I was a premed student. When I was a premed student every mother that I had met wanted to introduce me to their daughter, “Shirley, this is Ryan he is going to be a doctor.” “Oh, Susan this is,Ryan, he’s going to be a doctor.” “Lindsay, this is Ryan, he’s going to be a doctor.” “Elizabeth, this is Ryan, he’s going to be a doctor.” It was insane!

Now nevermind that they had a girlfriend since high school, I had a girlfriend in college, the same one, I am married to the same woman today, it did not matter!

Fast forward 4 years I get rejected from medical school 47 times. I get into real estate, nobody is introducing me to their daughter anymore. Not that I care but you get my point; somehow, “Honey, Ryan is going to be a real estate agent.” There is not that same panache, there is not the same ring to it. Nobody cares if you’re going to be a real estate agent. If you’re going to be a doctor, it’s entirely different, the world is your oyster. That’s how little respect the society has for agents. And so I found this frustrating but I also found it fascinating.

Here is the truth that I discovered. Because I was that agent like a lot of agents out there who hated cold calling, who hated doorknocking, who hated baking family and friends and I couldn’t find any other solution and my broker told me, “Here is what you have to do.” And none of it made sense to me because it was counter and opposite of everything that true authorities were doing that I was observing and starting to study at that time. Everything that the guru party teaches is an authority killer.

If you don’t want to believe me that’s fine, you don’t have to. There are going to be people that are listen to this podcast that are going to ignore me. They are going to blow me off, “Agh!” Fine don’t believe me! But put yourself in the shoes of the authority. Put yourself in the shoes of Donald Trump. Your brain is now his brain, you think like he does, how he sees the world is not how you see the word.

For the first time by doing this perhaps you will understand what it really means to have power. Imagine that you are Donald Trump for a day walk in his shoes. Would he do any of the things that you are currently doing? And I’m not talking about just the listeners on this program. In fact most of you are probably different. Most of you will being entrepreneurial don’t act and behave and think like a traditional real estate agent, the low information agent. But that’s why they are so stuck, struggling, failing. It’s because they haven’t realized that they have to think like Donald Trump rather than Glengarry, Glen Ross.

So a Trump prospect, would he cold call? Would he ever knock on doors? Would he beg family and friends for business? Would he give elevator speeches? Would he be a human spammer? Would he chase leads? “You’ve got to believe me, you’ve got to trust me,” I am the real deal!

Would he ever use a listing presentation? Go to somebody else’s place where he wasn’t in control, where he wasn’t in command? And use a listing presentation or a sales presentation which is the tool the label of the salesman. I mean if you see a guy with a hammer, you pretty much know that he is a construction worker in some way shape or form. You make judgments about a person who has and uses a hammer on a daily basis. I am not saying it is negative but when somebody comes in with a presentation, a listing presentation, a flipchart; you are not an authority, you are a salesman. You are there to convince me. You are there to sell me something.

Trump says, “Here are the terms, here is how the deal will be structured. Take it or leave it.” Would you beg for referrals? Would Trump ever quote unquote withhold property information just so he could convince somebody to give them their number so that he could immediately call them back as a telemarketer, ask them a couple of probing questions, overcome the objections and then hopefully set an appointment? Would he ever allow himself to be rejected or treated like dirt? Would he ever play small ball? But this is how most agents; this is what they have been conditioned to believe. What is necessary to be successful.

SLOPER: Would Donald Trump go around handing out business cards?

FLETCHER: No! And it gets to the point, just like Clinton, just like Warren, just like Obama with their, “You didn’t build it.” What they teach, they mislead people, they lie people, they lie to agents, they deceive agents and a lot of people I am sure I’m going to get hate mail here. But I have invested in them. Hey, I’m not telling anybody this to create animosity but when you realize and you dissect everything that is being taught by the guru party, it liberates you. Even if you paid 10 grand for it, it’s a gangrenous green infection; cut it off the arm to save the rest of your body! Start over! You can move forward once you realize that it kills authority.

Change is on the horizon; more and more agents are seeing this because I’m getting their mail after they read my book. I’m hearing their stories after they read my book. I’m getting their brokers asking how they can buy bulk shipments to give to their agents at their office. The guru party, they can keep their whole, “Coffee is for closure” mantra. Their ideologies “Always be closing” fine, let them keep it. You can make money that way. But I have said it 1 million times; most people don’t want to be a honey badger. They don’t want to be a buck locking antlers with other agents out there competing for clients begging, pleading with low status.

And so ABC is not a virtue of success “Always be closing,” it is the attitude of the lowly salesperson, the pest, the beggar. The only reason anyone would ever need to do that, “to close strong” is because they opened a weak.

And so going back to Chris Christie, his comment about minimum wage; Moms, dads, this isn’t what we want for our kids. This isn’t what we want for ourselves though either. We don’t want to be at the bottom of the barrel! The solution here is to engineer authority and I’m not talking about fake authority. 




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