FLETCHER: And so right now you’ve got the gurus out there who have jumped onto this idea, the power of authority. It’s a buzzword like the word “value”, like the word “mastermind” and they are using it to try to sell you on all of these things that quote unquote create fake authority. And so you can picture this. They claim that you are going to be a best-selling author and so you say, “Yeah, I’ll take that. I’m going to write a chapter in a book.” You realize you’ve got one chapter of 30.

Now how did you really get to bestseller status? Anybody on Amazon now can be a bestseller because the bestseller lists are updated hourly. And so if you buy 100 books all at one time within an obscure category, you are a bestseller! And so this is how they get people to be bestsellers. They go, “Okay, we’re going to get 30 different agents, you’re all going to write one chapter, there will be 30 chapters in the book. We will all get you to buy 100 copies of your book, that’s 3000 copies. We will place the order in one hour and guess what, now you are a best-selling author!” Really?!” Well, kind of. You 1/30th of a best-selling author.

But the funny thing is, now these same people, they turn around and say, “Why don’t you come to the bestseller authors Gala?” And they roll out the red carpet and everybody sits around the roundtables like they are at the Emmy’s and everybody goes up on stage and everybody claps and the sheer as you accept your fake award for being a fake best-selling author and then you, the stage and the interview you. You are on set like the infomercials, everybody knows it’s fake. And they are being interviewed and they are being videoed and they are taking pictures and now they’re going back to the marketplace calling themselves best-selling authors, saying, “We’ve been in the Wall Street Journal” or “The New York Times” or on some obscure affiliate of ABC or NBC or CBS.

But here is how you can tell if somebody is an authority. It’s not the symbols that the guru party sells you, it’s the ideas that you have in your head. Well tell me about some of your ideas, you are a best-selling author. You attended this best-selling author gala, you got a video, you’ve been in the newspaper because they bought space in it and now they can say, “As seen in the Wall Street Journal,” or, “As seen in the New York Times.” They created a fake documentary, ran it on again, some obscure affiliate of ABC or NBC or the Discovery Channel or History or Biography, and now they say, “As seen on…” It’s all manufactured. It’s all fake.

So ask somebody. Well tell me about some of your ideas. “Well…” No, no, no. Tell me about some of your really innovative ideas. “Well, you know, I wrote the chapter…” No, no, no, that’s common sense, that’s mundane, that’s yesterday, that’s old… Tell me about some of the really innovative ones as to why you are the authority. “Wow” me with your ideas, with your mind, with your beliefs, with your convictions. “Well…”

That’s the hard part. See that’s what Hillary, that’s what Warren, that’s what Obama, that’s what they don’t want to tell the lowest denominator of the Democratic base who wants everything handed to them. That’s what the low information agent does, they jump all over this and the guru party, they get rich selling agents these quote unquote authority symbols because they don’t want to put in the hard work of coming up with a message or having a real idea. “Okay, I will just write a check.”

SLOPER: So what you are saying Fletcher is you actually have to put in the work to become an authority, am I getting the drift there?

FLETCHER: That would be step number 1.




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