FLETCHER: The entire structure of the real estate industry, it’s all money driven because it’s all based on how many agents can we get into the industry? And as long as that is the status quo, the industry will never change.

So you have NAR, they want as many agents as possible. I mean again, think about it from a government standpoint. Does the government ever want fewer taxpayers? Do they ever want somebody to pay less dues, less fees, less taxes? No!

And so you should never let this title of quote unquote membership organizations or association, blind you to the truth. And if you think that the brokerage is on your side and they are going to help you out, they are going to dig you out of this hole, think again!

So Keller Williams, I read an article not long ago, they have three key metrics that they look at; agent count, agent volume and total office profitability. That guy who is making cold calls eight hours a day, he is their dream child. Agent count, how can we get more people into this industry? Well, you keep the requirements low. Agent volume, how can we get even the least skilled person to become productive? You give them a phone, you give them a phone number and you give them a script because even the stupidest dumbest illiterate person can do that.

He may be can’t write, he can’t tell stories, he doesn’t understand positioning or philanthropy and mixing business and being authentic but dammit, here is your script, here is your phone, here is your phone number! And so more agents, more cold calls and total office action; if you do the first two, you can take care of the third.

And so we have this entire industry that has this quote unquote sales culture. I mean, you’ve seen the movie Boiler Room – that’s what the entire real estate industry is – call center as many agents as you can fit in there as possible all using enthusiasm through a phone line.

Uhg! Stop it! Stop it!

And so I am reading this and Sloper shared that article with me. And the first thing that comes to mind okay and this is maybe NAR, maybe the entire real estate industry should take a clue from dominoes. Yes, Domino’s pizza.

And so in 2009, their stock price… Well let me give you a quick background.

And a very similar idea or concept that was said by the president of NAR in that issue that Sloper just talked about, the president of dominoes came out and said, “There comes a time you’ve got to make a change.”

In 2008, the stock price was $3.03 – three dollars! Today’s stock price, $72.52. Gee, I don’t know. Seems like a pretty good turnaround. Here is what the guy said, “We suck, we know it. We are committed to fixing it.” And this is the message that they trumpeted for five years now and it’s worked! This is the exact same message that I talked about what I put together The Protector Video Series over a year ago – this idea of telling the truth, everything rooted in truth – “We suck, we know it, we’re going to do better.”

And so if you haven’t seen that video series, you can go to home of the okay but I can tell you NAR or no brokerage is going to come out and expose the truth about the real estate industry. “We suck, we know it,” they ain’t going to say that! And you’ve got to admit – Patrick Doyle, the president of dominoes, he’s got some cojones. It takes courage to do that, to face your harshest critics, to face the stereotype, to pledge to be different. Not the guru, not the establishment types, not NAR, not anybody is going to do that for you, you have to do it.

And this is why I urge you not to give up on your convictions because there is that perfect storm. I have talked about it in the last three episodes or really two episodes before last. There are going to be 500,000 new agents, 300,000 new agents in the next 12 to 36 months and the person who is going to win if everybody plays on a level playing field which is quote unquote phone, finger, number, script is the guy who I played the clip of in the beginning because you are not wired like him. Most people aren’t! But that doesn’t stop the guru party from pigeon you, hole you into that identity.

And it’s not easy to tell the truth, to speak the truth, to publish the truth, to write the truth. It’s why we must be confident. We must be vocal. We must be unshakable. Your convictions are not the problem, your want to be different is not the problem. Your desire to achieve something great and not be seen as a telemarketer, a car salesman a politician who lies and cheats and steals just to buy a vote, it’s not the problem.

The lack of truth in this industry is…




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