Porter Stansberry has a very great quote about this. He said if you are not familiar with Porter Stansberry, he has a brilliant mind, great entrepreneur, he runs $150 million company, it’s the largest division within Agora. And I mentioned Agora in the last episode.

He says, and he puts it this way “People don’t get what they vote for. They get what they deserve.” Now think about that. “People don’t get what they vote for, they get what they deserve.”

And so The Guru Party in your inbox over the next seven days, 14 days, 21 days, they are going to survey you and there is a three-step process. The survey, the reveal and then just how stupid they think you are.

Watch this. Perfect sales funnel; I would ask them what they want. I will tell them that I’m going to give it to them and then I will do the old bait and switch on the other end. How to become the authority in your marketplace is what you say you want. I’m going to tell you that you can have it and then here is a better script and dialogue; if you say it correctly, with enthusiasm, and you speak that into a phone line… But again, it appalls me how many people fall for this! And so you don’t get what you vote for, you get what you deserve!

SLOPER: And it’s easy… I mean people follow people in herds. If they listen to podcast, that Agents in Uprising podcast, and they literally now are convinced that they have to listen, be on the phone for eight hours a day and then they go and ask another agent in their office, “Well I listen to this podcast. He is the most successful guy in California. He is on the phone eight hours a day. This is what we have to do,” they convince the rest of the office that’s that what they have to do.

So now everybody is doing the same thing and we know what happens there – nobody successful. You get burn out immediately because after the first day you are like, “Holy crap, I can do this everyday.”    

FLETCHER: Well, this is what I have talked about repeatedly. And so this guy and again, this is nothing negative about the podcast Agent Uprising, is nothing negative about the host. Is nothing negative about the agent who is speaking; everybody has a different way of how they want to grow their business. And I have said it repeatedly – you can make money doing that. Okay but you can lose weight to buy eating lettuce. And pretty much anybody can convince themselves to do something for a week or two weeks. They can put up with the pain, they can put up with the punishment but this is not a long-term tactic. You can’t eat lettuce if you hate eating lettuce for four years – Three meals a day, every day never changing”

And so unless like a damn bunny, or you are wired like this guy to absolutely be stoked to get on the phone we are 99% of the people quote unquote don’t want to the value that you deliver, then you are never going to be successful regardless of how many sales words he puts in front of you or how much convincing or social proof or how many times it’s beat into your head.

And so I mean every time… I mean I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it. But when the guru party, the survey you. When Obama surveys the public and he does polling data, this is what they are doing. The low information agent, he doesn’t get it but they are setting up the game of manipulation. Okay of course now they report back to you with the results of the survey. Guess what? 97%of the people said that they need the only thing holding them back is not having it inside sales agent. And they go, “Yeah, that’s what I need! I didn’t think about that!” Ugh!

So if you follow people, listen to people who promise you things, don’t be pissed off when you don’t get what you expect. You get what you deserve. If you get duped, “Hey, this isn’t what I voted for. This is what I paid for, this isn’t what I wanted. But you said…”

Sorry folks, never do. You get what you deserve, not what people promise you.




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