FLETCHER: By the way, did you catch the Abraham plan?

SLOPER:    Didn’t catch that man, what’s going on?

FLETCHER:    So this last week, you may have caught this. People in the audience may have caught this maybe tune in. So Jay Abraham, he’s gotten a lot more involved in the old real estate industry. Like everybody else, there is money to be made so why wouldn’t it draw him back? And so I am on a tele-seminar, I am going to tune in, maybe he has something to say, smart guy, $9.4 billion man.

And so I have got the Cliff notes here for you. And paraphrased, this is 60 Minutes. Here is what he says, it is imperative and it is important. And this is what he has planned for success. And again, these are the Cliff notes, these are paraphrased.

“It is imperative, it is important to be strategic and progressive, to have a sequential predictable system prepared. It’s got to be a well-thought-out plan. It’s vitally necessary, it must be dynamic and forward thinking, something revolutionary that sets you apart preeminent. You must be open-minded, you need a system advanced positioning. You need to be strategic, to focus on high dollar. Say goodbye to mediocrity and welcome to greatness. The key is strategy, a system to create authority, is important, imperative. Breakthroughs come from outside the real estate industry, not from within. Control, command, the preeminent person in your marketplace, that’s who you’ve got to be, it’s about the strategy. Integrated synergistic systems, progressive, forward thinking, multiple factors combine, this is what gives you influence, it is imperative, progressive, dynamic, unified, the strategy of preeminence, competitive edge, status, impact, leverage.”

Did I mention you must be strategic?”

Yes Jay, you did. 400 times in 60 minutes, we get it. You have firmly impressed upon us “Be strategic.” And yes, we understand your impressive use of adjectives. You’ve got a firm-command over the thesaurus. By the way, Jay, real quick what was the main take away from, that you really want the people to gather? “Be strategic,” yeah, got it. I didn’t want anybody to miss it.

And see, this is what drives me crazy about speakers, consultants, is that they never get to the meat, they all have the talk and they talk in vague generalities. The reason people use the words “strategic” is because it doesn’t mean anything. You can define it however you picture it in your mind. And so there is always a magic secret that they keep you chasing.   

Now don’t misunderstand, they will sell you something that promises you to be more strategic, that’s what this is, it’s a sales pitch, it’s not a training event, it’s a sales pitch. It’s a tele-seminar meant to get you to a seminar which at the seminar, they are going to pitch you something else that is probably going to make you more strategic. It could be Infusionsoft, it could be mastermind, it could be coaching, I could be more scripts and dialogues, everything is designed to make you more strategic.

And so I will offer you a shortcut. If you want to get rid of low dollar activities and focus on high dollar activities but you don’t know exactly what those are, there is a book, is called “The 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall.” And on page 119, flip it open and I mean, let’s face it. Jay Abraham, I don’t want to be disparaging in any way, he is brilliant, nobody is doubting that. But he is a corporate guy. He doesn’t care about the real estate agent!

His advice is targeted at the company doing 10 million, 15 million, 50 million. His sole focus right now is partnerships, that’s what he wants. He is used to working with teams, talented teams, not individual entrepreneurs.

And yes, all of the strategies do translate. They do. For every one of those strategies, here is what it comes down to and why most agents can’t ever execute them; because it requires skills. He doesn’t teach you the skills, he teaches you the strategies. And if you don’t have certain skills then you can execute and conceptually you get it. To be the authority, you need symbols. You need to write books, you need to write articles, you need to have endorsements, public platforms, appearances where you are interviewed on radio or television or you’ve got media support and or you create platforms where you can spread your message like Roger Ailes did at Fox News and then hire people to fill his network the Rush Limbaugh’s, the Glenn Beck’s, walking, talking messages.

But if anybody ever talks about being strategic and then tells you to cold call, here is what to do, ignore that person. Write them off, forget anything he has said and or is saying. Cold calling is the antichrist when it comes to authority. It’s not even a skill, is an activity. Worse, it’s an activity that destroys and sabotages your status. The phone call never forget this, is the tool of the salesman. So go to page 119 and you’re going to see four different columns on the left there would be $10 per hour activities to the right of that, there is $100 per hour activities column than 1000 and then a 10,000.

And see the guru party, they want you to believe that right now you are doing $10 per hour activities. And that if you hire them as coaches or if you buy their systems or courses then they can get you to $100 per hour and then they can get you to $1000 per hour and then ultimately after four years of coaching or nine years of masterminds and you spent $50,000, you can do $10,000 activities per hour.

SLOPER:    You know, it’s interesting too is the $10 per hour work, making those phone calls, if you are the coach basically advising the real estate agent that they’ve got to make their three hours of calls per day and they have an accountability session was a week and they get on the phone and then they say, “Well, did you make your calls this week?” Had no they didn’t make their calls! They didn’t want to make the calls because they got rejected on the first and they didn’t want to make any more calls. So it’s easy because now it’s no longer the coach’s fault. It’s no longer the coach’s fault.

FLETCHER:    I mean, we’ve talked about it before. You could force yourself to do anything you hate for a week or two but it’s not something you’re going to do long-term because you hate it! Why would you ever want to build a business where what you do you hate doing? And so this entire premise of climbing ladders, it’s destructive, it’s dangerous, is precisely why so many agents fail!

So Robert Ringer talks about this in his book “To be or not to be intimidated.” About a Leapfrog theory and he says, “Nobody needs to start at the bottom.” You don’t need to start at $10 and work your way up rung to rung to rung from 10 to 1,000 to 10,000. You just start at the top. And so if I’m going to enter into the market, here is what I want to do. I want to have a book to my credit, I want to be an author, I want to have articles, I want to have videos.

Within the first 30 or 60 days I want to be interviewed on radio, I want to be talked about in my local news paper, I want to be seen on television, I want to be seen as a leader in my business community for partnerships, cooperation. In short, I want to be seen as a someone. This is what I talk about in my book “Defeat Mega Agents.” The way you gain power, the way you gain influence is you be seen as a someone, not as a quote unquote real estate agent. I know, I know, it gets back to the question, “How do you make this happen?”

The answer is very simple. The answer is simple; if you were given the opportunity, the invitation to speak at a conference. If you are given 18 minutes to speak to the brightest minds in the world, to share your ideas, what would you say? What would you say? You are given 18 minutes, what’s your message? What would you say? What do you stand for?

And so if you don’t have an answer to that question then everything else, all of this talk about quote unquote being strategic, it’s all bullshit! Do you know how Obama got elected president? Do you know how George W. Bush got elected president? Do you know how Clinton got elected president? And how every president before those three got elected president including Ronald Reagan the great communicator? – By having a message. It’s the Roger Ailes’ blueprint for success at Fox too; 3 million viewers versus 500,000.

Okay typically that message is written by some speechwriter that you’ve never heard of in some backroom who is putting the words in the mouth of the president who is inspiring and moving millions. Folks, this is the skill that they never talk about. They don’t want to tell you. It’s the art of copywriting, message creation and writing for influence. Why? Because 99% of people don’t believe that they can write.

And so rather than convince them that they can, or teach them that they can, they offer up “Be strategic.” No, you have to learn how to craft the message.

The guru party, before being strategic even matters, you must learn this skill. And if you don’t have it, you either have to develop it and or you have to hire someone like a presidential speechwriter who can do it for you. What is your Ted talk? What would you say? What is your message to those 200 or 400 people in the audience? After all, without that, what do you have worth saying? Without a powerful message, without the ability to move people why do any marketing or advertising? What are you going to say that is worth saying? Nothing!

And so now, just like every other real estate agent, this is why 91% of agents fail or why 90% of agents fail. You are restricted to go out there, the prospect, to beg. Low status, low dollar activities elevate you to performing at $10,000 per hour activities.

The better approach is to move all the way over to the right, find the $10,000 per hour activities, you will see that there is “message creation” and start working on that. Because now, when you put that message out into the marketplace, you inspire people you capture the minds of people. They remember you. And all those other people come flooding to your doorstep and you can hire people now to do the low dollar activities; the administrative work, the nuts and bolts.

And this is why my main message for this show, for my book, for everything that I write and publish an e-book for the public to see, is tread carefully with the guru party. There is always an agenda. Be skeptical. Second-guess and question everything. They will deceive you if you allow them. Debate the merit of every one of their ideas.

At minimum, even if they don’t intentionally attempt to deceive you, because I am not saying every single person out there who sells resources is a terrible person. But at minimum, they are going to take you on the long winding path to success where strategically they will pass you by all of the sales tables where they pedal their wares, all the coaching programs, all the website companies with plenty of opportunities to join their coaching programs to extract as much money out of you as possible, they are no different than Trillia or Zillow or or NAR or any other government bureaucracy who wants to squeeze you like a turnip.

By the way, that’s the real reason people hire Jay Abraham, to his credit, he is masterful at it, separating people from their money strategically. Good for the client if you hire him, you get people not to make one purchase but to come to a seminar and then to buy all the products that you recommend and page from the stage and then join coaching programs at 10 or 15,000 a year and then to escalate to masterminds and on and on and on, good for the client who is selling the resources, not so good always for you.

And this isn’t hard to figure out folks, it’s why I am so passionate about doing this show as I am exposing the reality behind all of it. By skipping the first most important critical step, they keep you chasing the secret. If you will just craft a message first everything else takes care of itself because now you have something to say, something worth saying…




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