FLETCHER: And see, this is what frustrates the hell out of me about the Guru party. Is that they are experts at asking questions. They are. They are experts in making you feel inferior. And so I have a couple of articles here. “Three strategies to take your real estate career to the next level.” Now this is published as a means to help you. But don’t lose the ulterior motive. It’s written by somebody who is in the coaching business. And so strategy number one, renovate. Sometimes you need a mix of in your life. Sometimes you renovate your kitchen, it makes you feel better. Sometimes you just got to renovate your real estate business. Let me ask you some questions, this will put you on that path.

How many hours a day are you prospecting? What does it look like? Well, I am told that I need to prospect 3 to 4 hours a day but I do it about 13 minutes because here is how he goes; call number one, rejection, call number two rejection, call number three, the destruction of my self-worth, I feel ridiculous, I am annoying people, they hate me, I am not doing it, it is not who I am, I am not wired that way. That’s what my prospecting looks like.

Ninety, 91, 92% of agents in this industry fail, they don’t make it past their renewal of their real estate license because nobody out there is talking about a different way. They only cater to the salesperson; the person who is wired with an annoying gene. How many different sources of lead generation are utilizing? Are these enough? How do you stay in touch with your sphere of influence? When and how? I make random phone calls, “well, I just want to say hi, “Well hi.” Anything else? “Hi.”

Oh, I forgot, you are supposed to go by the formula FORM Family, Occupation, Relationships And then the money question. “Oh by the way, would you know that might be interested in buying or selling in the next 30 to 90 days?” Are you building an email list? Are using E alerts? Are you generating online leads? Are you converting online leads? Do you have a geographic or niche forming strategy? Are you getting ratings and reviews from your clients? Are you communicating a consistent branding strategy with your marketing activities? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

Remember when I said if people are starting to survey you, if they are asking you questions, it is just a setup of a sales pitch. The reason they ask these questions, if you knew what was wrong with your real estate business, you would fix it! Okay so all these questions, they are designed to make you feel terrible about yourself. Well, I don’t have the answers. Naturally, this leads to, “Oh, maybe you should hire me as a coach.”




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