FLETCHER: But on that note new season of profit started okay so if you’re a big fan of shark tank which is far more well known for entrepreneurs, for business owners, people going in pitching their ideas. But there is a show on CNBC I don’t know if everybody is familiar with this, it’s called the profit, you should be you should start washing it for sure. It is with Marcus Lamonas. And this guy, there is something that fascinates me about him. It’s the authenticity, it’s the way he goes into a business, it’s his approach and so one of his biggest business successes is he is the chairman and CEO of Camping world. If you are not familiar with him which is a company that is about 100 different locations throughout the United States, throughout Canada and they are going to be doing about $3 billion of revenue this year. And so they have 6000 employees but the way he goes into these businesses he has a very specific approach, the 3 P’s which are people, process and product.

And so he was on one episode recently talking about… Or he was asked on a podcast, “How come you never go into business with tech?” He goes, “I don’t understand them. Like I am embarrassed to say this, but I just don’t understand the tech world, it moves too fast. I understand people, process and product.” And so I found this fascinating. And he’s talking about the exact same things as every entrepreneur does, it doesn’t matter what level of success you get to. So in an article that he did with Ink Magazine written by David Whitford; Marcus Lamona’s: The way of the profit. He’s talking about, “I’m tired, I have trouble falling asleep, I have trouble turning off my mind. Working and being in multiple businesses, fixing things have almost turned into an addiction for me.”

And so I think a lot of us feel the same type of compulsion to want to continuously hunt down ideas to continuously look at the business and say, “How can I revolutionize this from a profit standpoint, from a marketing standpoint, from an advertising standpoint or even product and process?”

So one of the things that I have always done, a lot of you listen to this probably do the exact same thing. You get hooked on a person for whatever the reason their story, their methodology, the way they think and you go try to learn everything you can about them. And so I have done this with James Patterson, I have done this with I don’t know too many to count. And so I started listening to a bunch of podcasts with Marcus Lamona’s, get on Google, search out all the articles that I can find about Lamona’s and so I came across this one stat. Last count Lamona’s has received 40,000 applications from companies begging for his help.

And so this is one thing that they talked about. And one thing I love about podcasts is is really more of a conversation. See when you find the article on Google whether it be ink Magazine or the New York Times, it’s often times the very quote unquote formal, proper story. It’s polished, it’s been… Well the podcast, it’s a conversation, it’s real. And it’s not scripted. And so Al Titcher he starts digging into Lamona’s to find out like how do these 40,000 applicants, how do the ones that actually make it on the show, how do they get chosen? Because it is really no different. And we’ve talked about this before with Peter Teal; venture capitalist, founders of companies come to him in Silicon Valley and they want to get him to invest in their company.

Well as real estate agents, as business owners, as service professionals, we go to the marketplace quote unquote has 40,000 applications, respective clients and we have to pitch our ideas but better yet, attract them to our ideas but nonetheless we have to do something that gets us chosen.

And so he is in this conversation and this is something we’ve done with your business slope, is built out platforms. And so one of the things that Lamona talks about is this idea of accumulating companies under a holding company. And he goes, “When you start to do this, you can get product integration with multiple companies.” And so she cited an example of moving eco-me into camping world or combining for example Key line type company with Crumbs. And he goes, “What you’ve got to be careful. You can’t start selling candy in an auto dealership. You can start selling clothes in a restaurant so it has to make sense.”

And so you for example we have set up a podcasting platform, we set up an entrepreneurial platform, we set up a book platform, we set up a philanthropy platform and it creates a spider web, it has to make sense but we’ve created this spiderweb where no matter where anybody comes in it’s really hard for them to get out.




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