FLETCHER: Now you just got back from Mexico yeah?

SLOPER: Yep, little 5 day stint in old [01:22 inaudible].

FLETCHER: Any disease? Any flu?

SLOPER: Actually I did. Last day I contracted the… probably the Mexican version of the West Nile virus it felt like.


SLOPER: Nice little stomach flu there for the last day which made for an interesting flight back home.

FLETCHER: I took a… I don’t to Cabo there in April. I am the worst vacationer ever. So I get there like the 1st 2 days you know I run, I don’t know a couple of different businesses and I am integrally involved in your business and all the other different members business. And so the 1st 2 days look I can’t shut off my mind and so I don’t even really want to be there because I’m thinking of all the stuff but at home.

The 2nd 2 days I’m finally been able to shut off was going on back at home but then I’m on the beach, I am reading the book, I am listening to podcasts and the people that I am with… “Well, have you read a good book lately?” “No I haven’t.” “Okay.” “Have you listened to a podcast lately?” “No, I haven’t.” “Okay. Have you had any ideas lately?” “No, I haven’t.” And I’m like, “Well, this is great conversation.” Because by day 2 or day 3 I mean we are done talking about our wives because they are off doing their thing, the guys were off to our thing and we could only you know, have the man-to-man conversation for so long before there is some sort of intelligent thought. And then of course, the last 2 or 3 days that I am there and thinking about, “Now I’ve got all of these ideas from the podcast that I have been listening to, you know I’ve gotten all these ideas from the books I’ve been reading, I just want to go back and implement them.” So I don’t know I’m not a good vacationer.

SLOPER: I agree with you. I’m not really either is interesting we both have kind of the same thoughts and actually the same thing happened. But you know it’s those things I think that’s but before I started turning into so-called student or wanting to create ideas like on a daily basis I probably would have just showed up to the beach and not do anything but it’s like now my mind doesn’t shut down and I don’t really want it to shut down right but everybody else in the group after you get done talking about each other’s problems for the 1st 2 days right it’s like, “Okay I need to go over here for a 2nd and I will be back next week guys.”

FLETCHER: I know I escape, I take my computer, I go to the bar and I sit there by myself; I write, I do something. Like I said, I’m a terrible vacationer.




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