FLETCHER: And so here’s an article out of Westport news, “The real deal, bait and switch in Westport competitive real estate market. You think it is competitive in your field, try selling real estate in Westport in Weston where the number of licensed agents exceeds the annual number of transactions. Winning listings is the name of the game here.”

Now we are talking about the low information agent, we are talking about the unethicals; these are not people were going to step into the arena of ideas, they are going to try to win these listings based on their message, based on their mind no, no, no, no!

They are going to step in and try to build a community, they are not going to step in to become a media company, they are going to do what all salespeople do, “How can I cut a corner? How can I trick somebody? How can I fool somebody?” This is what the guru party teaches. And a few agents have sent out letters that goes something like the following, many in line of the worker referred to this as the bait, “Dear Mr. and Mrs. homeowner. My name is Sally agent, I am working with a qualified couple relocating from Texas to the Westport area. They have selected your street as where they would like to live ideally. My purpose of asking you this is if you would be interested in selling your home anytime soon. If so perhaps we can make a match quickly and easily without the time, effort and aggravation involved with selling your home in the traditional way if it sounds good to you, please give me a call so that I may preview your home for my buyers.”

Now the article goes on to say, “90% of these letters are false. The agents’ purpose of sending out hundreds of these letters every single month to various neighborhoods throughout the Westport area…” but we know this happens everywhere, this isn’t an isolated incident, “… Is to get an audience with owners who are likely to be selling their home soon. Now that’s the bait, the letter goes out – I might have a buyer, they are relocating from Texas, could we come see your home?” Now here comes the switch. “Mysteriously after you meet the agent who had authored one of these letters, the buyers from Texas quote unquote change price ranges or find another house or decide not to relocate after all.”

In the end it’s the homeowner, he’s been bamboozled. And it is the tactics like these is what I have been warning about. It’s the tactics like these that continue to cause distrust in real estate, it’s tactics like these that continue to soil the reputation of the ethical agent, of the honest agent, it’s your reputation at stake here.




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